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Urban Renewal or Urban Removal (URUR) Textset (3 items)

URUR: A Grassroots Look at Chicago's Land Grabs and the Struggle for Home and Community (270 pgs), PLUS the Student Learning & Action Journal (155 pgs), PLUS a FREE Hiphop Mixtape (CD), PLUS Online Support 

Relevant 7 - 12 grade courses: Chicago History, Civics, Urban Studies, U.S. History, African American Studies, Multicultural Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, Ethnic Studies, Sociology, Economics, Community Ethnography, Human Geography, Language Arts, Contemporary English; Relevant higher education courses: Chicago teacher education prep programs; plus all those mentioned above

What you'll find in URUR? (7 - grad level)

  • In-depth chronological coverage of the Chicago area from the 1700s to 2012
  • Six main parts, including the Community Appendix
  • 10+ primary sources such as official letters, organizing pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, and more
  • Historical analysis of Chicago's land, housing, and development patterns including public housing
  • Multicultural-based histories of working and lower-income communities and people of color
  • Contributions from local community (s)heroes in various struggles for dignity and justice.
  • Original and historic photographs, artwork, maps, charts, and other visuals
  • Excerpts from interviews, articles, studies, summaries, speeches, papers, poetry, lyrics and others
  • FREE mixed hiphop music CD (the URUR Mixtape)

For a URUR teaching guide and student self- and group-learning guide (more to come), click UR/UR Intro.

What you'll find in the ACTION JOURNAL?  (7 - 12 grades)  

  • A student learning and teacher support guide (more to come) Journal Guide
  • 11 literacy formative handouts/activities Reading Analysis
  • 11 social science formative handouts/activities Analyze past and present
  • 5 math and science formative handouts/activities
  • 7 media arts formative handouts/activities
  • 25+ ideas for games and role plays (including handouts supporting formative assessments) Bingo
  • 10+ action research project steps (summative assessments such as students creating a children's Big Book and students creating an urban/community plan - Main Project - with solutions to propose and advocate for)
  • 4 evaluation forms (class reflection, skill quizzes, unit evaluation)
  • 9 additional documents (powerful words, vocabulary, tech integration, learning and review like THREADS AND THEMES).

Reviews of the URUR textset:  

Chicago teachers and students in 10+ classrooms throughout the city including Adam Heenan, Social Science Department, Curie Metropolitan High School, “It was the first time my students really connected with a history text,” he says. “Because of the way it spoke to them, they ended up producing the best writing I saw from them all year. Historical writing by young people usually presents its subjects and ideas as abstract, but what they were writing about came off as very, very tangible. These were not (advanced placement) students. ... These were regular students producing AP quality work.”

Kevin Kumashiro, Dean, University of San Francisco School of Education, and President, National Association for Multicultural Education: "Brilliant and inspiring, the Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce is revolutionizing what it means to teach and learn. Their groundbreaking resources embody the possibilities for academically rigorous, theoretically rich, standards-aligned, community-centered curriculum that should be the center of every child's education.  I wish that organizations like CGCT were around when I was a student and a teacher, and I hope that educators and advocates today form similar collectives across the nation as we build a stronger movement for social justice in our classrooms."

Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy and Culture, School of Education, Univ. of Mass. in Amherst. "I can't tell you how impressed I am with it. It's one of the most comprehensive and well-researched curriculum units I've ever read. I also love all the creative pedagogical activities throughout. As a critic of standardization and a skeptic of the forthcoming Common Core, I want to thank you for having me rethink this position. By including the state standards, the CCSS, the ACT guidelines, and so on, you and your colleagues make it clear that even when one has criticisms of these things, teachers are often powerless and must follow them. Instead, you use them critically and effectively. This reminds me of Christie Sleeter's work on 'unstandardizing curriculum' while also using standards in creative and critical ways."

Christine Sleeter, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita, College of Professional Studies at California State University, Monterey Bay, former president of the National Association of Multicultural Education. "The authors emphasize that academic learning should be culturally relevant to students and oriented toward social justice; teachers and students should plan how to integrate the text and activities into their curriculum in the most meaningful and impactful way. The journal is packed with strategies, templates, guides, activities and projects that can readily be connected with the text. For example, students are given steps for writing a letter to a local politician and rubrics to evaluate the letter before sending it; math problems on subprime lending that both practice math reasoning as well as illustrate why subprime lending is a problem; and guidance on creating a Chicago big book out of posters of students’ analyses of suggested topics in Chicago history." - excerpt from Diversity, Social Justice, and Resistance to Disempowerment, a chapter of her forthcoming publication.

Chicago Tribune, Printers Row, Jake Austen, September 15, 2013: "Although the resulting publication is not flawless (some minor editing blunders, some hard-to-read charts), overall it presents a cohesive, easy-to-follow narrative... Students and other young voices were included in the form of poetry, some scathing political cartoons and a supplemental rap CD; while these expressive pieces may not fit the proper tone of a textbook, they never compromise the integrity of the central body of text." See full review here -  ARTICLE.

Chicago Public Schools, Department of Literacy and Social Studies, Monica Swope, "Overall, there was some positive feedback on the intent and purpose of the curriculum.  As you are aware, we are not in the position to endorse any curriculum materials to schools and teachers.  With that said, it is awesome that some schools have chosen to use the materials.  There is so much a student can gain from learning more about Chicago, urban planning and policy, and community empowerment."



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