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What is Root Knowledge (RK)?

We’re CGCT’s youth group, ages 11 - 25, comprised of youth across Chicago. We are deeply committed to changing boring, irrelevant, white-washed curriculum so it becomes more inspiring, critical, and based on our own realities, interests, and communities’ true histories.

What do we do?

We produce Root Knowledge, an educational journal, in order to evaluate and critique the dominant school curriculum. RK youth also write articles about issues/topics we believe should be included in school learning. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Student and community education organizing
  • (Im)migration and bilingual education
  • Globalization and local/global connections
  • Economic justice and employment
  • Environmental justice
  • Criminalization and police profiling/violence
  • Real world life skills
  • Culturally relevant history
  • Affordable housing / gentrification
  • Healthy living and health crises
  • Youth and popular culture (reviews)


We host a Tumblr blog where students, parents, and teachers can post their reflections on curriculum, learning, and schooling. This forum allows everyone to critique irrelevant curriculum, acknowledge and honor great learning/curriculum, and share other concerns regarding schooling and education.

We offer action-inspiring workshops for other youth (classrooms or groups) so we can better analyze the dominant curricular narrative and act towards creating more relevant curriculum and learning experiences for all 500,000 youth in schools today.

How can you subscribe to and/or submit to and/or get involved with RK?

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