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What Does it Mean to be an Annual CGCT Member?

Being a CGCT member means you support the mission and vision of CGCT and want to see the work continue to grow, transform and reach new heights. Also, it means you'll have greater access to CGCT's constantly growing clearinghouse, opportunities, and supports. Lastly, it means you'll be a member of a powerful community of critical educators, active students, concerned parents, and involved community folks committed to supporting each other and transforming urban education.

Why Do We Hope You Become a Member Today?

There are three overall purposes for launching the CGCT membership program:

  1. To establish a community of critical educators, students and community members that will advance grassroots curriculum
  2. To build a stronger base of support that will advocate for, take action, and mobilize others around critical educational issues
  3. To establish greater financial independence and interdependence as a grassroots non-profit organization that chooses to not rely on grants and foundations.

What are the Member Benefits?

  • Receive all CGCT publications to date, including the URUR set, Grassroots Curriculum Toolkit 3.0, Grassroots Community Tours guide, the Parent Communiversity booklet and more (the basic membership plan does not include these materials)
  • Receive two classroom posters, fitted CGCT t-shirt and magnet (the basic membership plan does not include these materials)
  • Receive the Grassroots Curriculum newsletter either electronically or via mail
  • Gain limited access to the CGCT Resource Center with check-in capabilities
  • Receive priority access to the CGCT teacher and curriculum support community (online and in-person)
  • Gain full access to CGCTs online clearinghouse of curriculum and primary sources
  • Receive free professional development for URUR or the Grassroots Curriculum Toolkit (one session)
  • Receive major discounts for our other professional development sessions
  • Receive discounted tickets to our annual event and book release parties
  • Receive special offers, discounts, perks, and/or special opportunities with affiliated entities (list forthcoming)
  • Receive a CGCT laminated member card

Optional Membership Packages Include (click on one to learn more):

Highly Affordable Plan ($10)

Parent & Community Plan ($50)

College Student Plan ($80)

Pre-K to 12th Grade Educators Plan ($100)

Scholar and Administrator Plan ($150)

Scholarship Plan (Free with 20 hours volunteer service)