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Critical Arts

"Students today live and work in a technological society.  Such a hi-tech world calls for a rapid lifestyle that requires proficient visual literacy. Art is the key to developing this literacy as it provides a profound lens through which students may perceive and respond to the visual world. Art education is vital in a balanced school curriculum, offering a component of visual literacy students need to experience the world with keen awareness and discerning judgment. Comprehensive art curricula should be conceptually based and fuse together creative and critical thinking skills to enable students to contribute to the world as self-aware and self-governing members of society."  Terrence T.zeye Haymer

CGCT honors, encourages, and supports the growth of all critical local artists by launching the Critical Arts series. Throughout 2014-15, we’ll unveil a new arts portal covering eight major forms of art (see below). We strongly encourage and invite artists of all levels and ages to submit high resolution images of your art to share in this grassroots arts clearinghouse. Submissions that relate to one or more of the CGCT curriculum themes (see below) are prioritized for uploading and possible inclusion in future CGCT materials.

Respecting critical artists

Our only goal is to share your work within educational settings so students can gain a greater appreciation and analysis of the world around them through local art. By sharing images of your art creation, you are supporting the right of young people to engage in the study and creation of critical arts every day - especially in the face of arts education budget cuts. The ownership rights of all artists are fully protected. We also hope this dissemination of your art supports your creative endeavors! Thank you!

To share your art…

Click here to Submit your art! Attach a high resolution image or file of your work (300 dpi or higher). Please mention your art name, a brief summary of the work, year created, and permission to share (Note: We are using these images for educational purposes only).

This series will soon feature…

Critical Crafts Critical Movement Critical Music Critical Sculpture Critical Spoken Word Critical Theater Critical Visuals Critical Video

CGCT curriculum themes (Chicago-area focused)…

Land, Housing, and Communities (see URUR) School and Education Struggles Criminalization, Law, Policing, Prisons (Im)migration Struggles Labor, Industry and Economics Health, Wellness and Health Crises (including environmental) Electoral Politics and Local Power Community Culture and Media

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