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The CGCT toolkit offers pre-service teachers, current educators, community organizers and families at home with over 120 documents aimed at making education highly engaging for all learners - while effectively building an educators' toolkit to develop key skills, engage local content, support critical thinking and facilitate student projects for change.

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Calling Educators, Students, Parents, Community Members! Contribute to A Peoples Chicago: Our Stories of Change and Struggle

What is A Peoples Chicago: Our Stories of Change and Struggle? It is a community-generated curriculum series for, by, and about traditionally marginalized communities in the Chicago region. We’re in the process of creating multiple units of study for grades 3 through 16, and we’d like you to contribute! You DO NOT have to be a formal educator. This curriculum is based on many sources, mediums, and voices.

Please review the two units we're currently working on and the list of proposed units. You may have something sitting in your classroom, home, or office right now that fits well with a unit. Maybe you'd like to help launch one of the other units (book sets) – or just make a contribution without attending any committees. It’s up to you!

Committees meet at different times and often look differently based on members’ availability and other realities. Please contact a curriculum coordinator for the theme/committee you're interested in. You can also call 773.275.CGCT (2428) or email us at to learn more.

Units Currently Under Development 

Education for What? Chicago School & Education Struggles, Gr. 7 to 16 (expected late 2015): Call for Submissions!!

  • Personal stories of being in Chicago schools as a student, teacher, parent, etc. (both hopeful and critical)
  • Materials on the history of schools and education in Chicago and the U.S.
  • Older school curricular materials that may contain stereotypes or other inaccuracies
  • Current or recent articles, reports, summaries, reports, visuals, videos, etc. on topic
  • Anything highlighting peoples’ struggles to correct educational inequities / injustices

Email or Asif Wilson at

Criminalization: What Is It? What Are Communities Doing About It?, Gr. 7 to 16 (expected in 2016)

  • Personal stories of being criminalized (living in poverty, facing police profiling, brutality, institutional discrimination/racism, legal inequalities, prison realities, etc.)
  • Stories of hope, resilience, upliftment, and community resistance to criminalization
  • Materials on the underground economy, drug corruption, street organizations, prison industrial complex, policing in communities of color, zero tolerance policies in schools, and legislation in Chicago
  • U.S. media excerpts showing both stereotypical images and lyrics as well as critical perspectives

Email Mathilda de Dios at or

Additional Unit Themes Needing Development

  • Community Health Crises and Well Being
  • Criminalization, Violence, Police, and the Streets 
  • Chicago Immigration Struggles and Realities
  • Chicago Industry, Labor, and Economics
  • Chicago’s Electoral Politics, City Government, and Political Independence
  • Community Culture/Media, and Mass Culture/Media